EUPHORIA- A Better Way to Monitor Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Finally – a non-invasive, patient-friendly method with the potential to monitor inflammatory bowel disease.
  • A novel imaging process, combining lasers and ultrasound, with the promise of better diagnostic ability in IBD than current care.
  • An EU-supported project taking novel technology breakthroughs to the market – and the clinic.
MERLIN Project

MERLIN – MEsenchymal stem cells to Reduce Liver INflammation.

MERLIN explores exciting new opportunities in stromal cell therapy R&D, while making important contributions to the treatment of currently intractable inflammatory and immune mediated liver diseases.


AUTOSTEM – Development of closed, scalable and AUTOmated robotic systems for therapeutic STEM cell manufacturing: aseptic systems from “Donor-to-Patient”.

AUTOSTEM is developing closed, scaleable and automated systems for therapeutic cell manufacture. The project vision is a donor-to-patient system where all aspects of processing, from tissue harvest to patient delivery are fully closed and aseptic. The process will involve new methods of biological cell selection from marrow, fat or other tissues, bioreactors to achieve scale and media formulations that are fully xeno-free. Process monitoring will utilise remote sensing and the automated retrieval of cells for microscopy, flow cytometry, karyotyping, differentiation or other tests. The final product will be a cryobag containing a specified cell dose, ready for thawing and clinical delivery.


REDDSTAR – Repair of Diabetic Damage by Stromal Cell Administration.

REDDSTAR is an EU funded project which developed and tested stromal cell therapy to treat for diabetes mellitus. REDDSTAR achieved some exciting scientific results regarding the positive effects of their novel MSC cell type (ORBCEL-MTM) on blood glucose and on different diabetic complications. They also developed the MACSQuant® Tyto™, a novel technology with far reaching value for cell purification in clinical and research use. The REDDSTAR Phase 1b clinical trial for treatment of diabetic ulcers with ORBCEL-MTM commenced in 2017.


ADIPOA-2 – Novel cellular therapy to treat osteoarthritis.

ADIPOA-2 builds on the work of ADIPOA to deliver a large-scale clinical trial in regenerative medicine for osteoarthritis (OA). The purpose of the project has been to design and implement a Phase IIb study to assess the safety and efficacy of Autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASCs) in the treatment of advanced OA of the knee. The cells are prepared from samples of adipose tissue harvested from patients by lipoaspiration.


VISICORT – Improving the Success Rate of Corneal Transplants.

VISICORT is a multidisciplinary EU project which is studying adverse immune responses to corneal transplantation. It is pioneering new understanding of immune responses to tissue transplants and implants and developing novel biomarker-based surveillance strategies. VISICORT is currently in the process of carrying out an optimised clinical trial for immunomodulatory stromal stem cell therapy in high-risk human CT recipients.


EUROSTARS* Re.Me.Pro – Regenerative Medicine Products for the Treatment of Skin and Cartilage Lesions

Re.Me.Pro | Combining biomaterials and platelet-derived components, develop and validate marketable “off the shelf” products: a) an active biomembrane for the repair of skin lesions such as chronic ulcers, difficult wounds, bedsores; b) an active scaffold for the repair of cartilage lesions and defects


FoReCaST – Forefront Research in 3D Disease Cancer Models as in vitro Screening Technologies

FoReCaST develops in vitro 3D cancer study models which will copycat the complexity and the hierarchical organization of natural ECM of tumour cells found in vivo and explores exciting new opportunities in stromal cell therapy R&D while making important contributions to the treatment of currently intractable inflammatory and immune-mediated liver diseases.


INNODERM – Innovative Dermatology Healthcare based on Label-Free Spectral Optoacoustic Mesoscopy

INNODERM will develop a novel optoacoustic device for earlier non-invasive skin cancer diagnosis.


FBI-ITN – The Future of Biomedical Imaging

FBI | R&D of novel photonic components and systems, educating ESRs in understanding clinical, biological and commercial approaches, and developing tailored technical solutions and efficient translation of technology.


PurStem – Utilisation of the mesenchymal stem cell receptome for rational development of uniform, serum-free culture conditions and tools for cell characterization

PurStem developed and validated a rigorous protocol for the isolation and culture of MSCs.

GAMBA Project

GAMBA Project – Gene Activated Matrices for Bone and Cartilage Regeneration in Arthritis.

GAMBA Project | Inducing the self-healing capacity of damaged cartilage and bone by coordinated cooperation/interaction of gene vectors, mesenchymal stem cells, and carriers.