The iThera MSOT Echo system was installed on February 12th, 2020 in the Barcroft Imaging Centre in West Cambridge. This system is a non-invasive optoacoustic imaging platform with the ability to take high-resolution optical imaging deep inside tissues. Within STARSTEM this means that healing can be tracked over time in a non-invasive way.

Dr Joshua Kaggie, University of Cambridge reports, “This was after a very hectic week, resulting in cancelled flights from Munich to London due to very bad weather!  Dr Thomas Sardella, iThera Scientific visited us on February 14th to facilitate training with the MSOT system.

Dr Frances Henson and I then were able to image the knees of a live sheep in the next week. This will allow us to perform early analysis and better develop our methods before a much larger study later this year.”

MSOT images of a live sheep knee