At the recent International Cartilage Regeneration and Joint Preservation Society meeting (ICRS) held in Vancouver, Canada 4-9th October 2019, Dr Frances M.D. Henson, University of Cambridge was an invited speaker
( and gave a talk entitled ‘Best large animal models for cartilage repair research’.

Dr Frances Henson, University of Cambridge

Fran comments: “Our poster ‘In vivo MRI tracking of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in an ovine osteochondral model ‘ won one of only 2 Certificates of Merit so we were very pleased with that!”

The ICRS is the main forum for international collaboration in cartilaginous tissue research and joint preservation. Recognizing that there is a continuum from cartilage injury to degenerative joint disease we bring together basic scientists, clinical researchers, physicians, other healthcare providers and members of industry, engaged or interested in the field of articular biology, its genetic basis and regenerative medicine. We seek to improve our patients´ quality of life, decrease their disability and reduce the impact of degenerative joint disease on healthcare systems worldwide by preserving joints and maintaining function.” The Society has currently 1300 active members from 65 countries.