Project Description


Biorigen, an innovative SME spin off from University of Genoa (Italy), was founded in 2003 by Prof. Ranieri Cancedda. Biorigen specialises in regenerative medicine, and offers clinically effective and permanent therapeutic solutions in tissue regeneration based on innovative therapies with molecular medicine synthesis products and tissue engineering.  Biorigen delivers innovative products and services for cell therapy, including the pre-clinical and clinical trials in orthopedics and dentistry, the treatment of tissues of the skeletal system (bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments) and soft tissue (ulcers and bedsores).

Biorigen in STARSTEM

Biorigen are experts in regenerative medicine media and cell production technologies, with important proprietary serum-free technologies that enhance cell quality and simplify regulatory approval. The Biorigen team comprise skilled and experienced technicians who will drive cell production and optimisation (in close collaboration with the University of Genoa). Their unique understanding of the regenerative medicine market will also help to ensure that we suitably exploit our innovative project outputs.


DR. MADDALENA MASTROGIACOMOCell therapy specialist
Specialist for therapeutic solutions in tissue regeneration.